You know us, we're just the girls next door.

We love to sing and perform together, but there's even more to this special family! Get to know each one of the girls by clicking on their pictures below! 

Chloe Greenberg
Amanda Duran
Niki Sodetz
Erin Lee
Grace Palmeri
Aria Bernardi
Maddie O'Malley
Kyla Brown
Yasmin Anglada
Ifeoluwa Atunnise
Elena Holz
Blessy Mathew
Sophie Michael

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Aria Bernardi

Senior Tour Manager Major: I Health Hometown: Palatine, IL Aria is a friend to animals big and small! She enjoys watching Game of Thrones, fighting for social justice, and being with her friends. A common description of her—from her friends—is "cute but psycho." She wears this title like a badge.